Frequently Asked Questions:

Is career and/or college major counseling possible without college counseling?
Yes. Utilizing technology, Dr. Fisher can perform career counseling separate from college counseling. For example: maybe you are set with college counseling, but not career and college major counseling. Or, you may be presently in college and want help choosing the major best suited to your abilities and interests.

If I use the college counseling program, is career counseling required?
No. You may opt out of that module.

I do not live in Atlanta where FEC is located. Can I still use Dr. Fisher’s program?
Yes. There are a variety of ways this can be accomplished. Please call so we can discuss the options. Bear in mind that Dr. Fisher travels frequently and may be able to meet you near your home, or arrange an in-home visit.

Does FEC offer SAT / ACT or PSAT tutoring?
We have arranged a substantial discount on ePrep, which is, in our opinion, by far the finest test preparation available for any price. The fact that it is very affordable only makes it an easier choice.

Do most college students graduate in four years?
No. In fact, many students don’t graduate at all. Many students take more than four years to graduate. This means more tuition. Applying to the right college reduces the likelihood of being one of those students who needs extra years to graduate.

How does the FEC program work?
We use student and parent surveys and/or interviews, career inventories, college-major tests, and Dr. Fisher’s own Higher Education Preference Guide to match students to colleges.

We research financial aid options to help students maximize their potential need-based and merit-based scholarships.

We help students build strategies to help them gain admission to their colleges of choice. Strategies include interviewing techniques, essay brainstorming and review (within ethical guidelines, of course), and determining each student’s uniqueness in the competitive admissions process.

We work with students from the initial interview through June of their senior year.